What the f.... Wednesday.

Every once and a while someone says or does something that makes you go, WTF MATE!? And what this one person did, is on a whole other level of making people question what exactly is going on....


Yesterday the editor for Newsweek in Pakistan, a Fasih Ahmed, made a whole lot of people have a WTF moment by tweeting out the following.




Yes...A “verified” editor of a major publication tweeted that out to the general public. It’s rather unbelievable, and immensely disturbing that anyone would say something like “The sexual abuse of children will always exist....” And mean it. It is by far one of the most twisted things I’ve ever read... And it’s simply not true.


The only way that would be the case, is if every single person passively accept all injustices they saw, constantly, forever. Without any remorse or will to change it... And if every one did that, slavery would still be a thing. And I think we can all agree the world is better place without slavery, just like it would be an even better place if we found a way to stop the molestation of children.



This is simply astounding to me.......I don’t know what else to say. So here’s a small piece I put the finishing touches on today. And a few pictures of the prairies. I was out of town today doing some things. Enjoy!


Happy Wednesday... hope you didn’t WTF to much reading that...Kind of hard not to.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.







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