What's HAPPENING!? Wednesday.


Well, if I haven’t made it clear in my posts before, let me make it abundantly clear now. China’s government scares the shit out of me, and this week I read that they’ve decided that they aren’t doing enough to be the most authoritarian regime on planet earth, and have decided to go full on Black Mirror on their citizens.


If you haven’t seen the show, I’m about to ruin the episode called “Nosedive”. You’ve been warned!


In the episode people rate each other on a scale from 1 to 5.. The more positive reviews you get, the more things you have access to.. Such as better car rentals, better access to social services, and access to more lucrative jobs.


Fall to far down the scale, and the “better rated” members of society will shun you... That’s exactly what happens in the episode. Sounds extremely subjective and terrifying, doesn’t it? Not if your the Chinese government apparently... Then it sounds like a FANTASTIC idea.


The Chinese government is implementing a system much like the one from that episode of Black Mirror on it’s citizens, you can be docked “marks” or “points” based on what you do in your spare time... Buy to many video games? That’s a deduction! Spend time with too many people that society deems undesirable? That’s a DEDUCTION! Question the government and possibly cause some political dissent, that’s a HUGE deduction!


What happens if you fall too far down this scale in China?... Well, you’ll have to pay a deposit to rent things like bicycles, where as your “better rated” peers will have access to those services free of charge! Want to stay in a fancy hotel? You better have a good score, otherwise, NO ROOM FOR YOU!


This whole idea is literally something right out of a science fiction show... And instead of leaving this horribly terrifying idea in the realm of fiction, China has decided that this isn’t an authoritarian idea at all... No, No, NO! It will in fact be “GREAT” for the citizens of China somehow....


I mean, as long as you’re not a contrarian thinker, or a person who believes in free will and making your own decisions free of government influence and societal pressure, why would the idea of a digital underclass scare you? If your a sheep, you have no problem being caged in fact, sheep like it that way.


Which is exactly why China is doing this... To try and route out all the people who consider themselves human beings with free will, and not animals to be herded. They don’t want any dissent, they want totally compliance! And this idea of the government creating a system to “Rate” it citizens should terrify us all...


Just another “OPTIMISTIC” story from China... Can you guess what country I’ll never be visiting for as long as I live?


Here’s another small piece of Art I polished off, I hope it brightens the mood of this post a little bit... Cause holy crap...China sucks!


Happy Wednesday all, Hope your week is going Great. Mines been pretty fun! :)


See you Friday.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.



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