What's the plan? Wednesday.

What’s the plan? Wednesday.


Last week Boston Dynamics, everyone’s favorite psychotic robotics company, showcased their new robotic dog thing called Spot Mini.... And what it could do.


What it did was open a door with a creepy arm looking thing that was attached to it’s back, hold that door for it’s robotic dog friend, then proceeded to walk through the door itself.


That alone was fairly terrifying to watch, especially if you’ve watched any science fiction involving a robotic takeover of the planet. This could definitely be where it begins. And when you see it, you kind of gotta wonder, where exactly will this lead?


Apparently! The logical next step, according to the great minds at Boston Dynamics, is to teach these robots to fight back against humans while trying to open the door, too “Test robustness” that is apparently “CRUCIAL” to this mecha-dogs development.


They basically tried to get in the way of this thing with a hockey stick, slapping it’s arm away from the handle and shutting the door on the robot dog.


Determined to follow it’s programming, spot pushes forward to the door, with the hockey stick proving to not be enough of a deterrent, the person throws a leash on the thing in a last ditch effort to get it to stop, the robot dog loses it’s tail in this scuffle, but does not yield!


He makes his way to the door and saunters on threw, in his robotic dog way.


Which makes me wonder, why the hell are they training this thing to fight humans for access to doors?


Don’t worry though, Boston Dynamics said some reassuring words when it came to this new video of these robots fighting for door superiority!... “This is a test of Spot minis ability to adjust to disturbances as it opens and walks through a door “BECAUSE” the ability to tolerate and respond to disturbances like these improves successful operation of the robot.”


What operations those might be, well, they didn’t say... And don’t worry that Spot lost his tail, Boston Dynamics reassured us that “This testing does not irritate or harm the robot.”


And I’m sure that’s the first thought on everyone’s mind, that the robot is okay! Not, what will teaching robots to fight back against humans lead too? No, no one is thinking about that, AT ALL!....


I guess we are just headed down this robotic rabbit hole, full steam ahead at this point. CHOO CHOO! Skynet is going to kill us all..... :P



Here's a little something I polished off today, enjoy! Happy Wednesday Everyone, Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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