Where are we headed? Wednesday.

Where are we headed? Wednesday.


This week a few big things have already happened. Companies are going to be able to drill in a part of Alaska that has been “protected” by the government for decades....And, Robots are now capable of “sweating”..... What a time to be alive!


We continue to use technologies to power our civilizations that are totally unsustainable. We know oil will eventually run out. That it’s dirty, polluting, and altogether not the most efficient power source. Yet, we refuse to really try any alternatives.


Most people scoff at solar and wind power as that alternative, Rightly so. It’s not capable of producing the power our civilization requires by itself. It’s dependant on the elements, which make it extremely unreliable and inconsistent. Not real viable alternatives.


However, nuclear power has the ability to meet all our energy needs. The new reactors they’ve built produce virtually no waste, burn totally clean, and have almost no chance of melting down. Yet, almost no nations on earth use it, why?


Because of the stigma of the nuclear weapons used to bring WWII to a close...people are uncomfortable discussing the creative potential of nuclear power, and are instead fixated on the destructive potential that it is capable of.


This seems to be a fairly flawed way of thinking. For example, Used wrong morphine can become a major problem in a persons life. Used correctly it can mitigate pain in people and give tremendous relief from major injuries and after major surgeries. Despite these potential problems we don’t write morphine of entirely, so why do we do so with nuclear power?


It’s hard to say. It could be because we’ve seen the destructive capability of nuclear power so vividly from them images of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we know the negative effects can be vast and horrible. And we have no positive image of nuclear energy to weigh our negative bias against. So we avoid it entirely. Better safe than sorry?....


If that’s the case, then why do we take such a cavalier approach to A.I research and robotic development?


We seem to have no problem building A.I.’s naming them Sophia, granting them citizenship. Making robots that can do 360 back flips and that can sweat. But... Investing in an energy source that could change the world and prevent us from digging in too the Alaskan arctic? FORGET ABOUT IT!....


It’s almost like none of these people working on making these decisions have seen a single terminator movie.... :P


I know my thoughts are kind of all over the place here. A little “wrapped” up in the season, right now! HO HO HO!


Almost polished this small piece off... As for my painting, well, it’s seen better layers.


Hope you are having a good week and have most of your stuff ready for the holidays.


Happy Wednesday Everyone. Sincerely, Bret Frick.




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