Who's who? Wednesday.

Google recently showcased it’s newest A.I. assistant prototype called, Google Duplex. And one of the things it was demonstrated to be able to do has the potential to blur the lines between “artificial” intelligence, and real people.


Google showed a recording it made using Google duplex’s A.I’s newest ability, making phone calls, and being able to have real time phone conversations, by having it call a hair dresser and make an appointment, and by calling a restaurant and making a reservation.


The most striking thing about both of the calls is the way the A.I. completely fools the humans on the other end of the line while making these appointments, and makes them think they are taking to a real person.


It doesn’t simply respond to the questions, or responses it’s being given, no. It adds some of the subtlety’s found in human interactions. Such as adding Hmmm’s and Umm’s to the conversation, and also taking short breaks in between responses, to give it the appearance of “thinking”. It really is eerie to listen too.


Some people are gravely concerned about the ethical questions that technology like this brings up. Like should this A.I. have to reveal that it is an A.I. when it calls you? Is this going to create a class system that undervalues human interaction with certain people, from certain professions?


Those are just a couple of the most prominent complaints I’ve seen regarding this A.I. experiment. But these concerns that are being put forward don’t really seem that frightening... The real concern is that soon enough A.I. is going to be smart enough to have a conversation just like a human being and fool the vast majority of us, what happens then?


How exactly will this change the world for the better anyway? I mean, do people really need a machine, to make phone calls to set up appointments for them?


Having machines that can have conversations just like human beings. And all this happening around the same time google decided to remove “Don’t be evil” from it’s mission statement... I mean...What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!... :|


Anyway...I started a few pieces today... But, none of them went anywhere. So, Here’s a few olderpieces of my art. I’m trying to pick some pieces to make prints of for my upcoming art sale, got a favourite out of these? Let me know.


Happy Wednesday Everyone, Hope your week is going good so far.




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