Wipe OUT! Wednesday.

Wipe out Wednesday.


Well, things have definitely gone better for me than they are right now. But hey, at least I got to try morphine! :)


Things happen fast, REALLY fast, in certain scenarios....Falling really hard on your ass is one of those scenarios. I keep trying to recall how I feel, exactly, not so much so because I want too. But because doctors and people keep asking me what happened? And all I can recollect is I slipped, I feel, No idea how my leg twisted or what my knee did while I was falling... It all happened in the blink of an eye.


There’s two things I can say for certain however, 1) is my knee is mangled. And 2) I really thought morphine would be more fun... Kind of a let down to be honest. No idea how people get addicted to that stuff, barely did anything to the pain.


I’ll be getting my leg braced tomorrow, cause apparently hospitals in Canada only keep certain braces in storage, and the one I needed wasn’t one of them. HOO RAH!....Really, REALLY! Looking forward to only having one good leg for a while! NOT! :(


What I thought was going to be a nice day, filled with drawing and website stuff, instead got turned into quite a bit of pain and morphine... So, a pretty garbage trade off. :P


Happy Wednesday everyone, hope your day was better than mine. Wouldn’t take much.


Trying to pick a few of my drawings for prints and other items that I want to get made here pretty soon. Let me know what your favourite of this bunch is!


Sincerely, Bret Frick.



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