Wiped Out Wednesday.

For the past few months I’ve just been feeling drained every time I go to write one of these blog posts. A page or so of writing, and me coming up with the idea for what I want to write about, that ends up consuming a large portion of my thoughts for that day, and it’s become more of a distraction than anything.


While I was away on my camping trip I took a week off of writing these blogs posts entirely, and it made me feel WAY better, like a weight had been lifted or something. And only two posts in since I’ve been back and I’m already back to not enjoying coming up with ideas for, or writing these posts, again.....


That bothers me. One of the main reasons I chose to pursue this was because I enjoy it. I really do love writing, and I love drawing, so I figured putting the two together would make sense. And blogging just seemed like the most logical way to do that.


But now, after more than a year of doing this. I’m actually resenting the schedule I set up for myself! How ridiculous is that?


So, after a lot of consideration I’ve decided that I’m going to be taken about a two week break from blogging like this, so I can decide what I want to do with this blog from here on out. What I want to write about, and when I’m going to write it.


For now, for the next few weeks I’m basically just going to be showing some of the art I’m working on, and not really saying much. I mean, this is an art website after all. :P



I need to change things up, so that’s what I’m doing.



Here’s a little something I polished off today, hope you like it. There will be another picture on Friday, with probably a lot fewer words.



Happy Wednesday Everyone, Hope you’re having a productive week.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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