WONDERFUL Idea. Wednesday.

Do you ever hear an idea that makes you wonder why anyone, ever, would think that it is necessary? Well, one Japanese guy has come up with an idea to solve a problem, that I’m SURE, everyone has faced at least once in their life.


Most of us have taken a walk out in the rain with an umbrella, and we all know just how absolutely ANNOYING it is to carry that umbrella, right?..... One guy is so fed up with carrying his umbrella around in fact that he’s come up with a solution for this GIGANTIC problem, that we all face!


He has designed an “Umbrella Drone”. Which is, basically exactly what it sounds like. A drone, with an umbrella attached to it.... That was literally the first prototype of this “invention”. Just an umbrella attached to a drone.


Now, in his imagination this thing would follow you around during a rainstorm and keep you dry, all the while keeping your hands free! Cause god forbid, we spend 10 minutes just enjoying a walk, and the surroundings with our hands occupied with anything other than our phones these days, right?


There are, however, a few problems when it comes to making this thing practical. Assuming we need to make this, “Practical”.


For starters, their prototypes have all had massive problems maintaining balance while flying. You ever held an umbrella on a windy rainy day, and had a big gust of wind come along and almost take you for a ride, or at the very least turn your umbrella inside out? Now, imagine being a 10 pound drone.


Doesn’t sound like it would work out so well, does it? Yeah, it didn’t.


Another issue is the battery life of drones. Most fly for only 10 minutes! At the high end you can get ones that will fly for a whole 20 minutes, or maybe even a little more. So... Right now, this thing is only going to be able to follow you for about 10 minutes, what luxury!


But there’s one setback that stands out above all the rest, because without them figuring it out... This whole idea is pointless(Assuming you see some point for it in the first place). The drones, they aren’t water proof.... And if they can’t get wet, how are you expecting them to be a mobile umbrella?... This whole thing is just absurd.


So, what’s the price tag for this contraption? He has his heart set on a base price of 275$... Which to me, is just an outrageous amount of money for what boils down to a flying umbrella. Which seems just so absolutely unnecessary. Just use an umbrella, and use your free hand to check your e-mails, or whatever. You’re going to be fine!


So yeah, there’s the story of one Japanese guys “invention” that I thought was just so ridiculous, I had to mention it! Hope you found it as hilariously fascinating as I did.


And here’s some art I’m working on. I was going to share something different, but I smudged that picture... Got some ink on my finger and didn’t realize it was still wet, so yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s garbage now... but here’s this! Enjoy.


Happy Wednesday everyone. Hope your having a good week so far.


Sincerely, Bret Frick.

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