Words are WEAPONS!? Wednesday.

Words are VIOLENCE!? Wednesday...

Words are weapons now! That’s what some people seem to believe, and, it’s infuriating. Cause it makes it very evident that they have never experienced even the slightest level of actual violence! Of course verbal abuse exists, but what some people are arguing these days is that if you ACCIDENTALLY misgender someone, you are committing an act of violence....

That’s where we’ve gotten in 2017, by ACCIDENTALLY doing something, someone may not agree with, you are committing a violent act against them! Which is just absurd.

Some people seem to think that feelings matter above ALL else! That their opinion is the correct one and disagreeing with them means you are a NAZI!...Ironic...Isn’t it? I don’t think they have a firm grasp on what NAZI’s actually are.

The reason I find this so disturbing is, this year, there was a bill implemented in my country called Bill-C-16. Which is basically meant to compel peoples speech... People could be fined and found guilty of “Hate crime” by saying something, or presenting a subject that people disagree with. Which sounds ridiculous, right?

But that’s been one persons experience at Laurier University...A Teachers assistant, Called Lindsay Shephard, showed a lecture that aired on NATIONAL television here in Canada, She showed, TVO’s, The Agenda, With Steve Paikin, which showed University of Toronto professors Jordan Peterson and Nicholas Matte debating the contentious issue of gender pronouns...That’s it, that’s all she did.

For this EGREGIOUS sin.... she was brought into a meeting to be “Reprimanded” For presenting these ideas to students because it might have hurt their FEELINGS!

Political Correctness has gotten totally out of control...To the point where we are creating Safe spaces for ADULTS on College campuses, it’s gone TO FAR! Now, some of this social justice has the force of law behind it, and it must be fought! Because calling someone who looks like a man, a man, but feels like a women, and they take offense because you ACCIDENTALLY called them a man. IS NOT A CRIME!

What happened to “Stick and stones make break my bones, but names will never hurt me!”? Did we just stop teaching this in school? Cause if that’s the case, I vote we bring that shit back!

I Made a small bookmark today, Cause I FEEL like people need to do a bit more reading, especially if disagreeing with them makes you a NAZI!

Hope you’re having a good week everyone! If you’re not being told how to speak or think, you’re doing better than us here in the Great white north!

Happy Wednesday Everyone, Hope you’re having a great week so far!

Sincerely, Bret Frick.

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