Words are weapons?... Wednesday.

Do you remember being taught “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me! .... In KINDERGARTEN! Or was that just me? Because it seems like the whole of the UK just happened to skip class that day.


What makes me say that? Well... This week a man was convicted of the horrible, the absolutely terrible, REPREHENSIBLE crime of.... Making a joke., A “Grossly offensive” joke to quote the “judge” of this clown court.


What happened exactly? Well, there is a guy online who goes by the name of “Count Dankula” and he has a little pug dog, that his girlfriend finds super adorable, no matter what it did. He wanted to change that...


How did he make that happen? He trained this dog to lift up it’s little front paw when the phrase ZEIG HEIL! Was said... Making it look like he was giving a little doggie Nazi salute! XD XD The dog was also trained to get really excited and run around in circles to the phrase “Gas the Jews”... XD


Less adorable? Probably. Absolutely hysterical? Definitely. :P


After these BREAKTHROUGHS in training were achieved, he uploaded a video of this taking place to YouTube. A classic shit post video meant to annoy a girlfriend... What’s wrong with that? EVERYTHING!... Apparently.


The video wasn’t just seen by his girlfriend and there closest friends and

acquaintances in Scotland.. No, no, NO! Some other people on the internet saw it, and they were “OFFENDED”... So, “naturally” all hell broke lose.


The man was charged with a “Hate crime” because he made his dog give a Nazi salute to annoy his girlfriend in a YouTube video....That doesn’t matter, some people were offended. The state must take action!


They put this man on trial, and this week he was found guilty of the GRAVE crime of making an “Offensive Joke”... Sorry, a “GROSSLY, Offensive joke”... Yep, this week freedom of speech and expression died in the UK... Not like it ever really existed there anyway.


Count Dankula hasn’t been sentenced yet.. That happens in a month. But the fact that it’s happening at all is deeply disturbing. And this statement from the court doesn’t make me optimistic for the freedom of the UK....


“This court has taken the freedom of expression into consideration,” O’Carroll said. “But the right to freedom of expression also comes with responsibility.” .. Apparently you’re responsible for people being offended, whether that was your intent or not... It doesn’t matter.


No wrong think, and definitely no “Questionable” actions allowed!... This is all happening while a grooming gang in Telford, is manipulating and raping 100’s, probably thousands of young girls in the UK. Glad to see they have their priorities straight! The UK is not a real country anymore, and I do not recommend visiting it anytime soon....


At least I don’t live in the UK! Where people take jokes so seriously, you’ll be sent to prison...I really would have thought that would be a German thing... :P



Just another fun Wednesday let me tell yeah.... Here’s a piece I’ve been working on today, Enjoy.


Happy Wednesday everyone, Sincerely Bret Frick.


P.S. Don’t go to the UK, especially if you are “Grossly offensive”...


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