Worry Time Wednesday?

Robots are extremely interesting…..and kind of scary. I mean the types of robots coming out have the potential too make many a science fiction movie become reality. The latest Robotic innovation I’ve found is called “Primer”.

A small folding bot created by MIT, that can wear different exoskeletons that allows it to change form and complete a variety of different tasks. The exoskeletons start out as flat paper like sheets, but when exposed to heat they fold around the tiny bot.

Each of the exoskeletons allow the little origami like bot to complete a different task. There’s a wheel mode, a boat mode, and even a glider mode believe it or not. The potential for this bot seems pretty limitless. Which is somewhat concerning to anyone who’s ever seen Terminator 2….

I’m not sure how liquid metal terminators got their start exactly…but once you see what this thing can do…you can kind of see how this could be the beginning of the robot take over! Time too worry? 😛

Happy Wednesday Everyone, here’s a small piece I finished up today. Hope you enjoy it!

Sincerely, Bret Frick.


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