Artist Statement

Artists statement



When I create a picture I generally use markers or ink. I use paint every once and a while, but I prefer painting large, so I don’t do many small ones. Markers and ink are what I LOVE to create my artwork with.

I make a painting or drawing generally by just letting my hand flow, I just do what I feel comes to me naturally. My favourite colours to use are generally blue, purple, and gold. Well and I love black, but blacks are a shade, or the absence of colour....or something like that, but regardless I also enjoy blacks. :P

My drawings will sometimes have an underlying image but are in general abstract in their entirety. I want to engage people and make them think.

I do what I do because I love drawing. I love being abstract and thinking about the problems and politics of our world and how to fix them. But in general I feel relatively powerless and like very few people care.

So I draw to engage them, to think deeper, even if that might be uncomfortable for them. I want people to think deeply and art allows me to do that, while allowing me to make people feel at the same time. They may not be thinking about the same issues I’m thinking about, but they’re thinking, and that’s something!